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1 More evangelistic sites. Although many Christian organizations and churches use the Web to communicate with their own constituencies, there are relatively few websites specifically designed for non-Christian readers. Pray for more Christians to realise the Web’s potential for cutting-edge outreach.

2 English is still the largest language on the Internet, but others are growing fast. Hundreds of millions of people use English as their first language, and many more read it well enough to access English web pages. But billions do not, and sadly, in most languages there are very few evangelistic websites — pray for more. Chinese, Japanese and Arabic are big needs.

3 Empowerment at home. Online evangelism is not just for Christian organizations. One person can touch the world from home — young, retired, disabled, or shy. The Web is a great leveller.

4 The Middle East. There is relatively free Internet access throughout the Middle East (except Saudi Arabia). This allows Muslims to consider the claims of Christ in a non-threatening, anonymous way. Pray for more specialist web ministries to Muslims.

5 Pornography. It is impossible to completely stop online pornography at its source; pray for Christians and others fighting this problem, both at organizational and personal levels.

7 There are many strategies for online evangelism. WEC has produced a detailed Web Evangelism Guide to explain these concepts [www.web-evangelism.com]. There is a need to translate it into other languages.

8 Discipling. As with radio ministry, follow-up of distant converts is a problem. However, the Web allows easy two-way email discipling and counselling. There is much online material for new Christians. There is a growing international, cyberspace community of believers, which is of great help to those who are isolated.

9 Mobile ‘wireless’ access to the Web. One billion people may have Web access through mobile cell phones and handheld devices by 2003. Pray for new evangelistic strategies for this medium.

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“In his love he clothes us, enfolds us and embraces us; that tender love completely surrounds us, never to leave us.”
— Julian of Norwich


If by doing some work which the undiscerning consider “not spiritual work” I can best help others, and I inwardly rebel, thinking it is the spiritual for which I crave, when in truth it is the interest and exciting, then I know nothing of Calvary love.

… Amy Carmichael (1867-1951), If [1938]

Sounds Noble but …. Stupid

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nothing says love like giving a piece of your pride, greed, selfishness and in general a sinful nature to someone else. Heck, save money this Christmas give your evil to everyone you know.

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Luke 1:26-28“[The Birth of Jesus Foretold] In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) NIV. All Rights Reserved.

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Interesting research. It also applies to all Asians, including the Indians, Japanese, Thais, Koreans, Indonesian, Malays, Dayaks, etc…These icons were designed by Liu Young who was born in China and educated in Germany.

Blue –> Westerner

Red –> Asian

What’s Trendy


Three meals a day

Way of Life

The Boss

Moods and Weather

Elderly in day to day life


In the restaurant

Handling of Problems

Sundays on the Road

Queue when Waiting




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1 The unbelieving West has used television as its main vehicle to export values of hedonism, greed and immorality to the rest of the world. This led to grave misconceptions of Christian values in the non-Christian, non-Western world who often equate ‘the West’ with ‘Christian’. Pray that believers may work through the medium of television to bring salt and light to the world so that non-Christians everywhere can hear the good news and the ‘strong man’s’ goods be plundered.

2 Freedom of the airwaves. The entertainment industry in general derides any honest sharing of the gospel as proselytizing, recruiting or manipulating people. The widespread pluralism and lack of ethical absolutes cause Evangelicals to be denied reasonable access and their message to be diluted or denied air-time. Pray for more Christians to actively minister redemption into the secular television industry.

3 National initiatives. Christian radio is increasingly broadcasting indigenously written and produced programmes which more capably speak to the hearts of listeners — pray for television to follow suit. This will require national believers with calling and gifting, and the provision of training and equipment.

4 Pray for these specific ministries:

a) The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) airs evangelistic television programmes in 155 nations. Over 135 million watched CBN programmes in 2000. CBN has production teams in 10 countries, producing original material in over 10 languages. Two of the most successful shows worldwide have been the long-running The 700 Club and the children’s animated series Superbook.

b) SAT-7 is a satellite television channel that arose as the fruit of a grassroots Christian media movement in the Middle East, broadcasting daily since 2000. Its threefold goal is to sustain and encourage Christian communities in the Middle East, to provide its whole audience with a culturally appropriate presentation of Christianity in their own language, and to provide a balanced Christian worldview which complements public education and information channels available in the Arab world. The presentation of Christianity as a Middle Eastern religion is a vital part of SAT-7’s strategic ministry.

c) The Bible Channel (TBC) aims to plant house churches and equip church leaders to be effective throughout the Arab world and in the 10/40 Window. TBC focuses on Bible teaching programmes broadcast by satellite for discipling the whole Arab Church in the Middle East and North Africa, both the ancient confessions and the newer groups.

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(Greek orthos, “right, true” + Greek doxa, “opinion, thinking”)

Orthodoxy has been widely acknowledged to refer to adhering to the teachings and traditions in an established faith or religion. With respect to Christianity, the concept generally means recognizing and accepting the fundamental teachings and doctrines held by all Christians of all time, everywhere. All three branches of Christianity (Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox) consider the early ecumenical confessions such as the Apostles’ Creed, Athanasian Creed, and Nicean Creed to be their primary sources relating to orthodoxy.

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British missionaries arrested in Gambia

Gambia (MNN) ― A British missionary couple is in custody in Gambia after being charged with sedition. The Gambian government claims 60-year-old David Fulton and has 46-year-old wife, Fiona, are accused of sending letters criticizing Gambia’s government to individuals and groups.

Hindu radicals threaten Christmas violence in India

India (MNN) ― With a little more than two weeks until Christmas, Christians in India are bracing for more violence. Violence against Christians in the state of Orissa has seen homes and churches destroyed and thousands homeless.

Pastor and believers beaten up in Bellary, Karnataka

Hinduvta extremists on 8th December, attacked Rev. N Satyam(60) in Ibrahim Pura , Srirampura colony, Bellary, Karnataka.

Around 5pm as Rev Satyam of ‘Immanuel A G Church’ accompanied by a believer identified only as David were returning home from a prayer meeting organized by a Hindu Convert Krishna Veni, a mob of nearly 25 radicals led by M/s.Sidesh, Mallesh, Mahendra Bhatt surrounded the auto rickshaw, they had hired.

The radicals blocked the road with large boulders, stopped the vehicle, dragged the Christians outside, verbally abused both and beaten them up. View Article

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Prayer of the Day

Father, I thank you, because no matter what struggles I face, you assure me of ultimate victory. I thank you, dear God, because no matter the hardship or burden, I know you will help me through it and bring me to your presence with great joy. Until that day of ultimate victorious joy, please ransom my heart from discouragement by the power of your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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“The soul that walks in love neither tires others nor grows tired.”
— John of the Cross

“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.”
— John Calvin

“The Bible talks plentifully about joy, but it nowhere talks about a “happy Christian.” Happiness depends on what happens; joy does not. Remember, Jesus Christ had joy, and He prays “that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves.””
— Oswald Chambers

“The opposite of joy is not sorrow. It is unbelief.”
— Leslie Weatherhead

“No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.”
— Author unknown

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Galatians 4:4-5“But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under law, to redeem those under law, that we might receive the full rights of sons.”Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) NIV. All Rights Reserved.

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