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Does God Exist Debate

Christopher Hitchens and Frank Turek debate the question, “Does God Exist?”Turek vs. Hitchens Debate: Does God Exist? from Andrew Ketchum on Vimeo.   View article…

Free Book

The Genealogy Of Christ

A New Book by David Padfield

When most people read the Bible, they skip the over sections that deal with the genealogies of Bible characters. However, the Bible places great emphasis upon the ancestry and genealogy of Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:3-4; Heb. 7:14). The genealogy of Christ is often neglected, and yet it was (and is) of vital importance to those concerned about salvation.

The Jews kept extensive genealogies, available in the public records, to establish a person’s heritage, inheritance, legitimacy, and rights. When Flavius Josephus, the great Jewish historian, wrote his autobiography, he began by giving his pedigree, and says, “Thus have I set down the genealogy of my family as I have found in the public records” (The Life of Flavius Josephus, p. 1).

This new booklet examines the genealogy of Jesus Christ, as present in the New Testament. The study shows how the genealogy of Christ proves the following points:

1.       God fulfilled His promise to Abraham.

2.       Christ’s right to be King on David’s throne.

3.       Christ’s throne is not on this earth.

4.       The importance of women and Gentiles.

5.       The end of the Levitical priesthood.

This booklet is only available on our Web site. You can download your free copy by clicking on the link below. Take Me To The Downloads Page


Why Won’t They Listen? Reaching A Lost Culture

Ken Ham

Length: 63 min. (16kbps)

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A Different Perspective

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We all know that priorities are important. Priorities dictate how we live our lives. What we do. How we spend our time and money and energies. Question is – what are our priorities? What is number one?Join Berni Dymet as he takes a look at life – from A Different Perspective.



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