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Karachai People  

 The Karachai (Karachay) people are a testament to mankind’s will to survive. Their history includes being driven into the Caucasus Mountains by invading Mongols, being converted to Islam by the Kabard people, engaging in bloody revolts against Russia, fleeing the repression of the Russian army, having their homeland occupied by Germany, and being deported to Central Asia by Josef Stalin.

If God did not have a plan for the Karachais, they certainly would not have persevered through these and other violent acts. But He does, in fact, have a plan for them. In Acts, Paul explains that God made all the nations, “having definitely determined [their] allotted periods of time and the fixed boundaries of their habitations (their settlements, lands, and abodes), so that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel after Him and find Him…” (Acts. l7:26,27 Amplified).

His purpose in creating and sustaining the Karachais through all manner of opposition is to have a relationship with them. He has continued to pursue them and wants to make known to them the salvation available in Jesus Christ. At present, however, there are no known believers and no mission agencies targeting this people group.

Pray for God to assign laborers to the Karachais; servants who will faithfully share the gospel with them and demonstrate His love in Christ’s ministry. Pray for Karachai hearts to be open to His call to fellowship and eternal life.-CL View article…


Lao Phuan of Laos

People Name: Lao Phuan

Country Name: Laos

Population: 120,000

Primary Language: Phuan

Primary Religion: Buddhism

% Evangelical: 0.20

Status: Unreached

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Jula Peoples of Mali and Guinea

With their unique location between the Arab world to the north and the black African countries to the south, the Jula peoples are particularly gifted with a culture that is diverse and rich. All Jula subgroups love their music, dance, storytelling, and jewelry works.

The Julas live in clans, the most important aspect of their lives. Their storytelling and dance traditions are expressions of their history. They began settling in towns in the 1500s, some as independent villagers, and others as dwellers in larger towns. As far back as the 1300s, during the peak of the Mali Empire, the Julas had made Mali their trade base. Later, the Julas became strong converts to Islam. These influences have remained with the Julas right up to today.

Over 80 per cent of the Jula people are Sunni Muslims. The others, primarily Animists, are denigrated by their own people for not being Muslim, and are derisively referred to as “pagans.” This has created a religious, as well as cultural, barrier among the Jula peoples. The local Muslim scholars are highly esteemed and responsible for educating the population in regard to Koranic teachings.

Pray for the gospel of Jesus to become available, as well as meaningful, in each Jula subgroup. Ask the Lord to make His ways known to Jula village leaders and Islamic teachers. Pray that entire Jula villages will hear of the gospel.-JR View article…


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 Persecuted Church

1. Chinese house church leader sentenced to “re-education through labour”

On October 30, house church leader Pastor Zhu Baoguo was sentenced to one year “re-education through labour” on charges of being an “evil cult” leader, according to a November 18 report from China Aid Association. Pastor Zhu and four other leaders were detained by authorities during a church gathering in Dushu village, Henan province on October 12. While the other four leaders were sentenced to five days of administrative detention, Pastor Zhu was sentenced to 15 days. Two days after Pastor Zhu’s release from detention, he was sentenced and taken to a labour camp in an unknown location. There is considerable concern for his health as he suffers from heart disease.

Ask God to protect Pastor Zhu in the labour camp. Pray that he will be a bold witness for Christ there. Pray that the persecutors of Christians in China will open their hearts to the love of Christ (Acts 9:1-19).

For more information on the persecution facing Christians in China, go to www.persecution.net/china.htm.

india_map_b_22. Believers beaten in Mumbai, India

A mob of approximately 30 Hindu militants attacked the Church of God building in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on November 15. According to a November 17 report from Union of Catholic Asian News, the militants, angered by the conversion and baptism of five Hindus, barged into the church building at approximately 12:30 p.m. shouting anti-Christian slogans. They damaged furniture and other church property and assaulted several believers present. Pastor Fernandes (50) was stripped and beaten so severely he lost consciousness. The mob dispersed when the police arrived. Several people have since been arrested for their involvement in the attack.

Pray for healing for Pastor Fernandes and the other injured believers. Pray that Christians in India will put their hope in the Lord as the One who upholds their cause (Psalm 146).

Find out more about India’s suffering church by visiting www.persecution.net/india.htm. To watch a video report about the attack, go to www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/video/video.aspx?id=44350.



3. Chapel attacked in Hanoi, Vietnam

A group of communist party activists attacked the St. Gerardo chapel on the property of the Thai Ha parish in Hanoi on the evening of November 15. At approximately 10:00 p.m., hundreds of activists arrived at the monastery and asked for an urgent meeting with some of the believers. They began shouting, throwing stones at the building and trying to provoke the believers. Local Christians were quickly alerted to the attack by fellow believers and within an hour, a large group of Christians were on the scene. The attackers were eventually intimidated by the growing number of believers present and fled before they could cause serious damage to the premises. Local Christians suspect the attack is related to their ongoing battle for restitution of parish land seized by authorities.

Pray that these Christians will be encouraged to continue meeting together for worship despite opposition (Hebrews 10:23-25). Pray that the passion of God’s people in Vietnam will be a light that draws others to Christ.

To learn more about how Christians are persecuted in Vietnam, go to www.persecution.net/vietnam.htm.

4. Further restrictions imposed in Kazakhstan’s draft religion law

Kazakhstan’s draft religion law was amended with further restrictions on November 7, according to a November 18 report from Forum 18. The amendments to the law include mandating a fixed fine of 50 times the minimum monthly salary for those found guilty of worshipping, building or opening places of worship, or publishing or distributing religious literature without government permission. The proposed amendment would also require both parents to give permission before a child can attend a religious event and would ban believers from expressing their faith beyond their “own circle.”

Pray that this law will not be approved. Ask God to work in the hearts of Kazakhstan’s leaders so that they too will know the Good News.

For more information on the persecution facing Kazakhstan’s Christians, go to www.persecution.net/kazakhstan.htm.

5. Update: Imprisoned Christians released in Laos

Pastor Sompong (32), Boot (18) and Khamvan (18), three men who were arrested in Boukham village, Savannakhet province in early August (see www.persecution.net/la-2008-09-03.htm), have been released, according to a November 17 report from Compass Direct. The believers were released on October 16 — against the wishes of the village chief, who had threatened to hand Pastor Sompong a life sentence at a maximum-security prison.

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Graham Concludes ’08 Crusade in Taiwan

American evangelist Franklin Graham concluded his 2008 world crusade this past weekend in Taipei, Taiwan where nearly 10,000 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ during the event.

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Unreached Peoples of the Day

Grangali (Nangalami) People  grangali-of-afghanistan

Omar sloshed some goat milk out of the pail as he brought it into the kitchen. “Watch it!” his mother scolded, as he slipped on the small puddle of milk on his way out. Before she could say any more, Omar dashed to the corral where his older cousin, Sandril, was chanting verses of the Koran in Arabic while bringing hay to the mules. When Sandril stopped his chanting, Omar said, “I keep wondering something. All of us boys keep memorizing parts of the Koran, and the imam tells us that we are all equal before Allah.” “That’s right,” interjected Sandril. Omar continued. “But people aren’t equal here, and we are all Muslims. The Pushtuns control our lives. Even among all the other Grangali people, some are better than others. The landowners make all the decisions, while the carpenters, weavers and blacksmiths have to do whatever they say.”

With a population of only 32,000, the Grangalis, also known as the Nangalamis, are one of the smaller people groups of Afghanistan. They have been Muslims since the 9th century, and there is not a single follower of Christ among them so far as we know.

Pray that Christ’s glory and beauty will be revealed to these Sunni Muslims in such a way that they will not let anything stop them from following Him. Pray that they will soon have access to radio broadcasts and gospel recordings in a language that they can understand.-KC

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            The Akha akha-nutchi

People Name: Akha, Nutchi
Country Name: Laos
Population: 5,400
Primary Language: Akha
Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
% Evangelical: 0.00
Status: Unreached

For more information see the Joshua Project


Operation World Country of the Day

factflag  United Arab Emirates  uae


1 Radical changes of the last generation have made UAE citizens more cosmopolitan and open to new ideas, yet the rise of extreme Islamism has led to increased restrictions. Many are in daily contact with Christians, but few believers have opportunity to openly share their faith because of the possible results — arrests are not unusual. Pray for courage, wisdom and an atmosphere in which the gospel can be shared freely.


2 Expatriate Christians have relative freedom for discreet witness and worship as the nation becomes more open and international. Several parcels of land have been granted recently for the development of Christian compounds. Pray for the many English, Arabic, Urdu, Filipino and Indian language worship groups and congregations. Many believers have a vision for evangelising their own ethnic group and beyond, but they need training. There are several TEE programmes active in UAE for training leaders — pray for this vital work. Pray also for the strategic partnerships which labour and intercede specifically for the Gulf states.


3 There are limited medical facilities in which expatriates are involved. These are dependent on good relationships with the authorities. Pray for the provision of godly staff willing to serve in them.


4 The unreached:

a) The indigenous Arab population. Both urban educated and rural illiterate have had little exposure to the gospel. There are some Gulf Arab believers. Their faith exposes them to persecution and possibly even death — pray for their encouragement and for steadfastness. Discipleship for these believers and opportunity for fellowship are great needs. Some are enrolled in Arabic language BCCs.

b) Many expatriate communities. The Iranian (Persian, Kurd, Baluch), Pakistani (Panjabi, Pushtun and Baluch), Somali and Sudanese communities here have no known groups of believers among them.

c) Women are less marginalized here than in some Arab countries, but they are nevertheless socially isolated from much potential contact with believers. Pray for fellowship and strength for those who secretly believe.


5 Media available for outreach. Signs indicate that there are many who are eager to learn about the gospel in private and who enthusiastically digest Christian material and programmes. Pray that many might come to accept Jesus as Saviour and grow as disciples, despite the obvious lack of church structures for these private believers.


a) Radio and television. FEBA Seychelles and TWR Cyprus have Arabic broadcasts which reach the UAE, and Christian television programmes, via SAT-7 satellite, are available weekly on Friday afternoons. The latter are increasingly effective. Pray for increased broadcasting and widespread awareness of the broadcast times.

b) The JESUS film had been translated into most of the languages present in the Emirates, including Arabic.

c) Video tapes are widely used but the distribution of Christian tapes is difficult.

d) Christian literature distribution is limited by the fact that it must be done discreetly.

Mission Fact of the Day

Today is a holy day in the Bahá’í Faith:  it remembers the birth of Bahá’u’lláh (11/12/08)


Persecuted Church News



There’s an interesting piece today at Christian Today discussing the persecution Christians are enduring in Algeria.  Check it out and pray for our brothers and sisters in Algeria.

India  india_map

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) deputed six separate teams to investigate attacks against Christians in Karnataka and murders and gross violation of rights in Orissa. On 11th November 2008, two teams started a week-long investigation in Karnataka, one based in Bangalore and other based in Mangalore. The Bangalore-based team spent a better part of a day meeting the representatives of the Global Council of Indian Christians, as the NHRC was alerted by GCIC about the gross violation of the code of conduct of some of the lower level police officers and field officers against civilians in Karnataka. The NHRC investigation is spread over eight days. The Orissa investigations of the 116 plus Christian martyrdoms will commence from 12th November.

At the meeting with NHRC, GCIC unravelled the veil covering the systemic oppression against Christians in Karnataka and Orissa. Contrary to the Yeddyurappa government’s promise of prompt action against the groups involved in attack against Christians in Karnataka, and the Orissa administration’s claim that people from the relief camps in Kandhamal had started returning to their respective villages, GCIC was able to establish, with documentary evidence, 96 major attacks against Christians in Karnataka and over 80 martyrdoms of Christians for their faith in Orissa, along with grave violations of human rights.

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How to Pray for the Persecuted Church

Please pray:

The Lord will give courage to His people who are enduring persecution for His Name

The Lord will place His restraining hand on those who seek to harm His people

Churches facing government opposition will stand firm in their ministry

Christians will have opportunities to reach out with the Gospel without fear of intimidation or harassment

Servants of the Lord will be able to deliver Bibles and Christian literature to places where they are most needed

Christians who have been left without pastors and teachers may be kept strong in their faith

Christians who have been imprisoned for their faith will be released safely

The Lord will restrain the callousness and brutality of prison guards in their treatment of Christians in prison

Pray against the increasing problem of young Christian girls being kidnapped, raped and forced to marry

Those who have lost loved ones by martyrdom will be comforted and strengthened by God during their grief

Christian pastors will be kept from danger and strengthened in their faith as they care for the people of God

New converts may be protected and provided for should their family turn against them.

The current laws in many restricted nations forbidding evangelism, missionary activity and religious instruction, will be repealed

“In the death camps I knew that there were people praying for me.  It gave me the spiritual strength I needed to live as a Christian and to trust God.  It is the same for everyone in the camps and prisons today.” Underground Church pastor, Cambodia

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