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What is Free Rice for Knowing Trivia Alex?

Free Rice now allows you to answer questions about subjects such as paintings and countries instead of just defining words in order to donate rice to hungry folks


ClickSchooling searches the Net to bring you one, terrific educational website each day: Monday-Math; Tuesday-Science; Wednesday-Language Arts; Thursday-History Social Studies; Friday Virtual Field Trips; and Weekends are for Electives — Art, Music, Foreign Languages and more!

A homeschooling gold-mine. I have been a member for years. This is a Yahoo Group so you need to join

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Pure Sex Radio

Welcome to PURE SEX RADIO! This weekly program tackles the tough subjects of porn, lust, sex addiction, and practical principles for living every day in sexual purity. Pure Sex Radio seeks to train men and educate women in the arena of sexual purity.*

Link to podcast feed is here

Pure Sex Radio is part of Be Broken  whose homepage can be found HERE

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Mission News


S. Baptists Gear Up for Ambitious Mission Plan

Southern Baptist churches are being recruited to join a massive 12-year long, grassroots evangelism plan to share the Gospel with every person in North America by 2020. Pilot editions of God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS) will be launched in five states.

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What would happen if Korea developed the same plan? It is

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Real Missionary Work Rooted In GospelNews

Rev. Wally Morris


“…Too often, missions work focuses on picking up garbage, constructing a building or home, or digging a well. Although in limited and specific circumstances, these may have their place, missions work must always focus on the supreme king of kings and salvation in Christ alone, a salvation that transforms every area of life, thus creating the social change that many try to achieve without the gospel….”


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Missional Shift or Drift?

Research shows that pastors’ views of the gospel and mission are changing. But should we celebrate or repent?

Helen Lee


“[Willard] was teaching on the Sermon on the Mount and conveying the heart of the gospel through Jesus’ teaching, and I felt I was sitting there listening to something I’d never heard before,” Lueken recalls. “We realized that we had to rethink what the gospel was about. Does the Bible teach only the gospel of heaven and forgiveness of sins? Or is it about a new way of living that involves the power of God, the peace of God, along with your sins being forgiven and going to heaven when you die?”


Warning this article will challenge you in amazing ways. It is long View article…


Drunk-driving Witch Doctor Finds Christ
Gospel for Asia


Gospel for Asia missionary Kushal was on his way to visit someone who had just been released from the  hospital. The recovering man was a distant relative—and an alcoholic witch doctor who had always refused to listen to his missionary relative’s… View article…

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Mission News,


Hundreds of Thousands of Brazilian Christians reached out to friends and neighbors during “My Hope World Evangelism Through Television” project, November 6-8, according to a late report from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). View article…



Dalit People Find Worth in Christ as Operation Mobilization Raises National Leaders

It is amazing what the Lord is doing among the Dalit people group in India, who after centuries of being in bondage, are now finding acceptance with God and realizing their worth and feeling hope for their future for the very first time. View article…


Celebration During Orissa’s Darkest Hours

Despite living in the Orissa district hit hardest by the recent persecution against Christians, five new believers recently chose to publicly testify of their faith in Christ. View article…

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Missions News

Persecution in Eritrea rages on

Containers in which some imprisoned Christians are kept.

Eritrea (MNN) ― Persecution of Christians in Eritrea continues to be overlooked by many western nations despite the arrests of over 2000 believers.

The Eritrean government claims no persons have been arrested based on their religious practices and in fact denies that any amount of religious disunity exists in the country. However, there has recently been reason to believe otherwise.

According to Voice of the Martyrs, persecution has been reported from several churches throughout the country. Although the government claims to support the Eritrean Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Lutheran Evangelical Church of Eritrea, even these churches have experienced conflict.

On October 12, Eritrean officials arrested 20 members of the Faith Missions Church, a congregation forced to worship in secret since they do not belong to any of the three recognized churches in the country. Later, another Christian died in prison after being refused treatment for his malaria. Since then, there have been reports of 65 more believers being arrested simply because of their faith.

With such copious numbers of various reports, it may be surprising that little has been said by other nations. “Because Eritrea is such a small country and because of other things going on in the world, it tends to fly below the radar,” says Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs.

If anyone has taken notice of the injustice in the country, there is little financial incentive to put pressure on the government due to the very small amount of trade between Eritrea and western nations. This apathetic approach to the situation only deepens the frustration of the victims and organizations involved.

“There hasn’t been the public outcry. There haven’t been other countries calling on the Eritrean leader to let the Christians go,” says Nettleton. “That’s a frustrating thing for those of us who do know about what’s going on and do understand that 2000 of our brothers and sisters are in prison. We would like more people to speak out on their behalf.”

To do so, Nettleton suggests that people first and foremost begin to pray. He also implores people to write letters reminding the government that “Christians are not a threat. They simply want the freedom to worship God as they see fit.”

Pray that this freedom would come soon and that the Lord would strengthen the many that are hated because of Him.

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Mission Verse of the Day

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.” Psalm 96:3

Unreached Peoples Need Our Prayers

Unreached Peoples Need Our Prayers

Unreached Peoples of the Day

Nuristani Peoples of Afghanistan


Until the 1890s the region was known as Kafiristan. The word Kafir means “non-believer” in the Islamic tradition. But after being forcibly converted to Islam in 1895, the region’s name was changed to Nuristani, meaning “land of the enlightened.” The Nuristani peoples in this area of northeastern Afghanistan are ethnically distinct from the dominant Pushtuns. They have European and Mediterranean physical features; some even have blonde hair. They were noted as being distinct by Alexander the Great when he entered the region in the third century B.C.

Their region differs from much of Afghanistan because it is forested and it receives more rainfall than the rest of the nation. Once the people had elaborate irrigation systems for their orchards and crops. These irrigation works required constant maintenance that were not maintained during their frequent times of war and conflict. Entire orchards were cut down by their enemies, and there has been terrible deforestation. The Nuristanis were the first to rebel against the Soviet-backed Afghan regime in the 1980s, and they engaged in intense battles. Today, due to its proximity to Pakistan, Nuristan is a major crossroad for insurgents and a central base for the Taliban. The Nuristanis are extremely poor and their area is rife with violent ethnic and economic conflicts. The Nuristanis speak varying dialects of Nuristani and Daric languages that are mutually unintelligible from valley to valley.

Pray that the Prince of Peace will call believers to go to these war-torn people and demonstrate to them the ways of Christ.-JS


Dhanuk People of India

People Name: Dhanuk
Country Name: India
Population: 3,593,000
Primary Language: Hindi
Primary Religion: Hinduism
% Evangelical: 0.00
Status: Unreached

It's a Small World


Operation World Country of the Day


1 The aftermaths of both independence and the Chernobyl disaster still have tragic impact on Ukrainians. Poverty, rather than riches, has been the outcome of freedom for many. Strict reform measures combined with rampant corruption is only likely to intensify the problem. The vacuum left by Communism’s demise has often been filled with violent crime, breakdown in family structures and sexual immorality. In addition, radiation pollution from Chernobyl still affects huge swathes of the country. The consequent weakening of immune systems, combined with a rapidly spreading AIDS virus could do incalculable damage to an already shrinking population. Pray that amidst the darkness, many would seek the Light.

2 Ukraine is a key state, a spiritual bridge between east and west, Orthodox and Catholic. Kyiv was where Slavic Christianity was born 1,000 years ago. Most Ukrainians are of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Many others are of the Greek or Uniate Catholic Church, which follows the Orthodox liturgy and structure but accepts the leadership of the Pope. The Orthodox Church is torn by strife as factions proclaim loyalty to competing patriarchs based in Kyiv and Moscow. The Autocephalous Orthodox Church (until recently banned, and still not formally registered) condemns them both for compliance with the Communists, but is itself beset with schisms. All these groups compete for the reclamation of buildings seized by the Communists. Much superstition and superficiality exist, but there is also a spiritual minority with a love for the Scriptures. Pray that spiritual life and renewal rather than power-politics may govern structures and relationships within these large bodies.

3 Ukraine has a strong Christian heritage, but suffering under Communism was severe. Evangelical Christians have emerged stronger and more numerous from 130 years of unrelenting persecution in which millions of Christians were killed. Pray that full freedom of religion for all groups may be enshrined in the constitution, practised by the state, and fully utilised by believers. Pray that the church might adjust to a new context, and meet its challenges boldly. Among these are:

a) The need for full restoration and reconciliation. The era of Communist persecution is over but the scars of intimidation, manipulation and betrayal are not entirely healed. Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Churches all face this. Pray for firmness, fairness and forgiveness in handling all who compromised. Pray that those who did not bend might now demonstrate flexibility in church structure, and in enabling congregations to be outward looking rather than insular.

b) Lack of unity. Communist subterfuge brought division and chaos between registered and unregistered congregations of nearly all denominations. Since 1990, disputes have come into the open. These issues have been recognised by Ukrainian Christians and are being addressed. Pray for removal of prejudice, mistrust, personality clashes, and structures that prevent fellowship and promote competition – especially in tapping Western funds and aid.

c) The lack of resources for maximising the present harvest. Most evangelical denominations are growing rapidly, hampered only by an inability to erect buildings and train leaders. Due to the economic situation church buildings, discipleship materials, disciplers and basic equipment are in short supply. Pray that the kingdom of God’s growth would not be stunted by simple financial needs.

d) Religious freedom is somewhat threatened by the entrenched religious hierarchy and by government actions taken to limit the expansion of cults and sects. Registering churches or missions can be a very difficult and delicate process. Pray for wisdom and the right combination of discretion and boldness on the part of Christian workers.

4 Good, spiritual, theological training is a great need. Many have benefited from theological education since 1989, but with many more churches beginning or waiting for pastors, the need is as urgent as ever. Thousands of students have been trained in dozens of seminaries, Bible schools and institutes. Over 10,000 have taken the Life in Christ Correspondence Course. Resources are the greatest challenge to Christian educators – the lack of trained teachers is overshadowed by the lack of textbooks, facilities and funding for the students themselves. Western agencies are proving invaluable in this area, particularly SGA, but also Calvary Chapel Mission to the Ukraine, GEM and Baptist and Pentecostal groups. Pray for wise, helpful co-labouring with expatriate partners to raise up many trained Christian leaders for Ukraine and all the former USSR. Pray also for openings and support in ministry for those who graduate.

5 Expatriate agencies. Some such as Light in the East, SGA and many others faithfully served the persecuted church before 1989 and continue to do so. Hundreds of others have flocked in to the country since then, but all too often with great insensitivity to the local situation, a lack of long-term commitment and unhealthy attitudes about money and “sponsorship”. Pray for more long-term workers who will learn the language and culture to better serve the Ukrainian Church in Bible teaching and in modelling a Christian life style in family and ministry. The most effective missions are often those who facilitate the growing Ukrainian mission effort through consultation and troubleshooting.

6 Indigenous agencies. There are now hundreds of Ukrainian agencies working in evangelism, literature, with prisoners, in summer camps and schools, and especially in much needed humanitarian work such as hospitals, orphanages and soup kitchens. Pentecostals and Baptists minister in many ways both in Ukraine and by sending missionaries to other former Soviet states, as do Missionary Brotherhood (LITE) and Light of the Gospel Mission. Pray for the burgeoning Ukrainian missionary movement – may the Lord prosper their work and may Western groups truly serve them selflessly.

7 Outreach challenges:

a) Students. CoMission, CCX(IFES), CCCI and others have developed campus ministries, and student groups are multiplying. CCX has groups meeting in 15 different cities, and most student missions have a healthy mix of expatriate and national workers. Summer camps (often held in former Communist Youth facilities) have proved fruitful. Pray that the right strategies and structures might help to evangelize this post-Soviet generation.

b) Crimea. This highly russified region differs from the rest of Ukraine, with continuing Communist sentiment and interest in reunification with Russia. Yet over 250,000 exiled Crimean Tatars have been welcomed back from Stalin-era exile in Central Asia. There are only a handful of Tatar Christians, and very few evangelical churches in the whole region. There are several Slavic and Western missions seeking to reach them. Openness increased after public apologies by Christians for their ill treatment and exile. The New Testament is being translated. Pray a Tatar Church into being.

c) Ukrainian Jews. Many have emigrated to Israel and the West and the population continues to drop by 10% annually. Chosen People Ministries have seen fruit in outreach to them. There are dozens of Messianic synagogues, and a Messianic Bible school.

d) The eastern part of the country has much less of an evangelical presence than the western part, and is in more need of missionaries. There are still 20,000 villages and towns without an evangelical church in Ukraine.

e) Cults, in particular Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and eastern mystical groups, are gaining many converts. Pagan revival movements such as RUNVira and the Perunists also pose a challenge. Churches must realise that they are competing with these groups for the souls of Ukrainians. There are two apologetics and research centres whose goal is to promote greater discernment among Christians and encourage outreach to cult followers.

8 Christian media ministries for prayer:

a) Bible ministries. The Ukrainian Bible Society (UBS) was restarted in 1991. Many realise the need of the Bible for restoration of moral and absolute values in society. The UBS has a unique and strategic ministry in that it is welcomed in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. There are far more opportunities than there is finance – pray for the Lord’s limitless provision to be released.

b) Literature. There is a great need for Christian literature in Ukrainian. Russian literature is much more plentiful and Ukrainian therefore ignored by publishers. EHC has distributed over 6 million pieces of literature through the Ukrainian churches.

c) Radio and television. These are open for Christian programmes. CBN have a major television network based in Kyiv. HCJB (with CMAssociates), FEBC and TWR all broadcast several hours a week in Ukrainian with good repsonse. Even more hours are broadcast in Russian. One hour a week is broadcast in Tatar on shortwave. There is also a need for Christian television programmes.

d) The JESUS film is shown in Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian.

Mission Fact of the Day

The global annual growth rate of Christianity in general is 1.4%, but the growth rate of Evangelicals is 4.7% (Operation World)

Persecuted Church

Persecuted Church

Persecuted Church News



Somalis living in Britain are supporting a terrorist group which is responsible for the stoning of a 13-year-old girl as well as the murder of Muslim converts to Christianity. Britain has to stop the flow of money to such terrorist groups. It is unfortunate and paradoxical that Somalis who are enjoying freedom in the West are fueling violations of freedom of religion and other freedoms in their own country.



Police disrupt worship in Karnataka

On 2nd November 2008 regular worship was going on, at noon some policemen from Bagalkot TownPolice station arrived and asked the pastor to call off the prayer meeting immediately. He was warned not to conduct any meeting without the prior permission from D.C. The police officials also collected personal details of 25 persons who were attending the worship.

Basappa Adapur has been Pastor for the past 10 years of Shalom Full Gospel Association in Bagalkot district. He also manages Orphanage called Shalom Girls Boarding Home, Bagalkot.

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