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 downloadsDocuments: The Forms of Unity

The Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession and the Canons of Council of Dordrecht along with the Ecumenical Creeds (pdf) View article…


Video: Tim Keller

The Gospel, the City and Cultural Transformation


Three Online Videos by Tim Keller new!


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Audio: Why Should I Care About My Life

Andrew Quigley

 Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church

Length: 41 min. (16kbps)

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7240711529.mp3 (5 MB)

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Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World (MP3s)

Dr. Edmund P. Clowney and Dr. Timothy J. Keller (need iTunes)

Shepherds Conference Audio Download

Much of the Shepherds’ Conference audio is already online. All of it will be posted soon. The MP3 downloads are free and can be accessed at the following link: https://www.shepherdsfellowship.org/MediaVault.aspx.

Note: You will need to login first as a Shepherds’ Fellowship member. If you are not a member, you can sign up for free (at which point you will have access to all of the audio).

After you access the media vault (at the link above, or by clicking on the “Resources” tab), click on “Shepherds’ Conference” and then on “2009” to access this year’s audio. Pick what you want and download it to your computer.


 How to approach people in non-adversarial ways with the Gospel (Ravi Zacharias)


Introduction to the New Testament, Louis Berkhof (PDF Download)

Tony Jones reposts a Response to Critics about Emergent Village, by Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, Spencer Burke, Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball, Andrew Jones, Chris Seay.  Downloadable as a PDF.

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Method Five – The Biographical Method of Bible Study ~ Chart: HTML / PDF




Exhaustive and/or biographical concordance

Topical Bible

Bible dictionary or encyclopedia



Remember that the person will often be referred to by means other than his/her proper name in many passages



Step 1 – Choose an individual from the Bible for your study. See the list below for a selection of persons from the Bible.

Step 2 – List all references concerning that person. A concordance will help if the person is referred to in the Bible by their proper name, but you may also wish to look for ambiguous references to the person (ie: Pharaoh’s wife, or: the son of Zebedee).

Step 3 – Note your first impression of the person after your first reading of the passages

Step 4 – Make a chronological outline of the person’s life after your second reading

Step 5 – Obtain some insights into the person after your third reading

Step 6 – Identify some character qualities after your fourth reading

Step 7 – Show how some other Bible truths are illustrated in this person’s life

Step 8 – Summarize the main lesson(s) you have learned

Step 9 – Write out a personal application

Step 10 – Make your study transferable

Step 11 – Note someone with whom you will share the results of this study and commit yourself to doing this.


General Questions for a Biographical Study


Here is a list of seventy questions you can use in constructing a biographical study. You shouldn’t try to use every question listed here in a single study. Depending on the depth of your study and the time you have, select the questions you would like to have answered. The questions are categorized into seven major divisions for easier use. As you think of other questions, add them to this list.




1.      Who wrote what we know about this person?

2.      What did people say about him/her?

3.      What did his enemies say about him/her?

4.      What did his/her family (wife/husband, children, brothers, sisters, parents) say about him/her?

5.      What did God say about him/her?

6.      Why do you think God allowed this person to be mentioned in the Bible?


Tests of Character


1.      What were his/her aims and motives?

2.      What was he/she like in his home?

3.      How did he/she respond to failure? Did he/she get discouraged easily?

4.      How did he/she respond to adversity? Did he/she handle criticism well?

5.      How did he/she respond to success? Did he/she get proud when praised?

6.      How did he/she respond to the trivial and mundane things in life? Was he/she faithful in the little things?

7.      How quickly did he/she praise God for the good/bad things that happened to him/her?

8.      How quickly did he/she obey God when told to do something?




1.      What can you discover about his/her family and ancestry?

2.      What does his/her name mean? Why was he/she given that name? Was it ever changed?

3.      What was his/her home life like? How was he/she raised? Where was he/she raised?

4.      What were the characteristics of his/her parents? Did they influence him/her?

5.      Was there anything special about his/her birth?

6.      Where did he/she live? What was his/her everyday life like?

7.      Was he/she exposed to other cultures? Did they affect him/her in any way?

8.      What was the condition of his/her country — politically and spiritually — during his/her lifetime?

9.      What kind of training did he/she have? Did he/she have any schooling?

10.    What was his/her occupation?

11.    How long did he/she live? Where did he/she die? How did he/she die?


Significant Events


1.      Was there any great crisis in his/her life? How did he/she handle it?

2.      What are the great accomplishments for which he/she is remembered?

3.      Did he/she experience a divine ‘call?’ How did he/she respond to it?

4.      What crucial decisions did he/she have to make? How did they affect him/her? Others?

5.      Did any recurring problem keep coming up in his/her life?

6.      Where did he/she succeed? Where did he/she fail? Why?

7.      How did the environment and circumstances affect him/her?

8.      What part did he/she play in the history of God’s plan?

9.      Did he/she believe in the sovereignty of God (God’s control over all events)?




1.      How did he/she get along with other people? Was he/she a loner? Was he/she a team person?

2.      How did he/she treat other people? Did he/she use them of serve them?

3.      What was his/her wife/husband like? How did she/he influence him/her/her?

4.      What were his/her children like? How did they influence him/her?

5.      Who were his/her close companions? What were they like? How did they influence him/her?

6.      Who were his/her enemies? What were they like? How did they influence him/her?

7.      What influence did he/she have on others? On his nation? On other nations?

8.      Did he/she take care of his family? How did his/her children turn out?

9.      Did his/her friends and family help or hinder him/her in serving the Lord?

10.    Did he/she train anyone to take his place? Did he/she leave a “Timothy” (disciple) behind?




1.      What type of person was he/she? What made him/her the way he/she was?

2.      Was his/her temperament choleric, melancholic, sanguine, or phlegmatic?

3.      What were the outstanding strengths in his/her character? What traits did he/she have?

4.      Did his/her life show any development of character as time passed? Was there growth and progression there?

5.      What were his/her particular faults and weaknesses?

6.      What were his/her particular sins? What steps led to those sins?

7.      In what area was his/her greatest battle: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, or pride of life, …etc.?

8.      What were the results of his/her sins and weaknesses?

9.      Did he/she ever get the victory over his particular sins and weaknesses?

10.    What qualities made him/her a success or failure?



From Bible Study Methods

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Title: Counseling Seekers for Repentance
True Church Conference 2009
Speaker: Jeff Noblit
Length: 54 min.

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Online ESV Study Bible Tour

this nicely done video tour was sent in by Jacob Abshire:

Visit ESVStudyBible.org/video for more.


Postmodernism: is it a new idea? (Ravi Zacharias)


Defending the Faith, (PDF Download)

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Title: Augustine
The Consequences of Ideas
Speaker: Dr. R. C. Sproul
Length: 26 min.

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If My Words Abide in You

by John Piper on John 15:1-7 new!


Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, R.C. Sproul (PDF Download)


Anchored in Truth – Preaching by Jeff Noblit and Paul Washer (Great preachers!)

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Free Audio: Spiritual Disciplines by Whitney

ChristianAudio.com is offering Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney as the free audio download for March. Click here to take advantage of this special offer, and use the coupon code MAR2009. (Note, this come in 7 separate files and you must register to download)


Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More?

A new documentary online in eight parts:

Was Jesus really the Son of God and the Messiah the Bible claims, or was He merely human like the rest of us? For the last 10 years, a group of scholars [e.g., Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, Grant Osborne, Michael Wilkins] have been studying this very issue. Watch as they put forth their evidence, and then decide for yourself who Jesus really was. In the ancient region of Caesarea Philippi, an important conversation took place between Jesus and His disciples: “Who do you say that I am?”

You can view at least the first episode online for free. The complete program will be available to view Friday, March 13.


Brief Bible History – Machen (PDF Download)

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs PDF


Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church



Just finished listening to a great sermon by the pastor of this church and it was fantastic! Great doctrine, great preaching and the Scottish accent just makes you feel as if you were along the shores walking in the footsteps of John Knox.

            Software and Other Geek Stuff

!!!  E-Sword !!!


This is the greatest Bible software I have ever used and the best part of it, is that is almost entirely free. The actual program is 17 meg (KJV + Strong’s Greek) but is easily expandable as you add more resources. I have almost 5 gig of free Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, topical books, devotionals, maps and charts. There are a few premium materials you can buy, like the NIV Bible, but almost everything is free including the ESV Bible.

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         downloads   Audio-Visual

Spiritual Life Conference: The Doctrines of Grace MP3 Series
Dr. Steve Lawson
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Expositional Sermons by Sinclair Ferguson (MP3s)

            Documents (Docs, PDFs, Web Pages)

Growing in Grace

You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, take care that you are not carried away with the error of lawless people and lose your own stability. But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen. – 2 Peter 3:17-18 Grow in Grace and Knowledge (pdf) by John M. Frame – A Sermon on 2 Peter 3:18 Growth in Grace by Archibald Alexander Growing in Grace & Conscious of Sin by John Hendryx Our Ongoing Need of Redemption as Christians by John Hendryx Grow in Grace and in the Knowledge of Our Lord by John Piper Desiring Spiritual Maturity by Derek Thomas Growth in Grace by Thomas Watson Nourish Every Grace by Geoff Thomas – Devotional article on the role of the believer in growing in grace Crises of Faith Are Yardsticks for Growth by J. I. Packer 2 Peter 3:18 – Growth in Grace (.pdf) by Charles Spurgeon Assurance of Growth in Grace by Samuel Hayward Spiritual Growth by A.W. Pink Essentials for Growth in Godliness by John MacArthur Essentials for Growth in Godliness” Part 2 (Philippians 1:10-11) by John MacArthur Sanctification and Growth by John Piper Are We to Continue in Sin That Grace Might Increase? by John Piper A Biblical Promotion of Christian Discipleship and Growth by Mark Dever Growing through Difficult Times of Waiting and Confusion by Richard Krejcir – Suffering is an essential aspect of our Christian growth, whether it is mental, physical, financial, or spiritual. A Concern for Promoting Discipleship Growth by Mark Dever (mp3) Resources for Gospel Growth (MP3) by Tony Payne Seven Virtues of Christian Growth by Gil Rugh Holiness: It’s Nature, Hinderances, Dfficulties, and Roots (.pdf) by J.C. Ryle 12 Keys to Spiritual Maturity by Derek W. H. Thomas (PCA) Gospel-Driven Sanctification (.pdf) by Jerry Bridges Means of Grace: God’s Provision for Our Salvation and Sanctification by Bob DeWaay The Saint’s Call to Arms on William Gurnall Essays on Sanctification on Monergism.com Union with Christ in his death and resurrection … is the foundation of sanctification in Reformed theology. It is rooted, not in humanity and their achievement of holiness or sanctification, but in what God has done in Christ, and for us in union with him. Rather than view Christians first and foremost in the microcosmic context of their own progress, the Reformed doctrine first of all sets them in the macrocosm of God’s activity in redemptive history. It is seeing oneself in this context that enables the individual Christian to grow in true holiness. – Sinclair Ferguson Resources Discipleship Explored

View article…


Clash Radio with Doug Giles or the site found here (NOT CHILD FRIENDLY, EARTHY REFORMED CHRISTIAN)

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Downloads of the Day


Roman Catholicism Today
Has Roman Catholicism Changed?
 (PDF Format) Session 1 (Audio)


School of Obedience – Chapter 1!
Andrew Murray | Classic Christian Addresses



A Bottle in the Smoke
C. H. Spurgeon | Psalm 119:83



What Does It Mean to Accept Christ – Part 1
A. W. Tozer | John 1:12



Christian Service: Slavery or Sonship
Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson | Christian Service | Luke 15:1,2


A.W. Pink Podcasts

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PDF / Doc

An Article
By: J. C. Ryle
Webpage PDF Word


8 Winning Insights

Show Summary: How can you WIN in this battle for sexual purity? There are so many challenges and obstacles in our culture and around the world to living a daily life of purity. This broadcast will help our listeners to fight well against lust and cross the finish line as winners.

Download the FREE mp3 at http://www.puresexradio.com/mp3/psr20081122.mp3.


The latest White Horse Inn is a talk between Baptist, Reformed and Lutheran ministers on what makes up the signs of the true church. The minsters discuss the common Reformation idea of the church against the idea of the church in many other American churches


If you visit Jerusalem on Google Earth now and go to “Jerusalem Ritmeyer composite” under “Places”, you will see an overlay with the map that I provided to create plans of Jerusalem in the various periods for the ESV Study Bible. The exciting thing is that you can see the walls of Jerusalem in 3D and change the perspective as you wish. Here is a snapshot of the walls of Jerusalem seen from the north-east:

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PDF / Doc

downloadsJob: Patience In Sufferings, by Rob Harbison. Will a man serve God for nothing? Even when man is suffering and none of God’s ways make any sense? This study chronicles Job’s struggle to find those answers and keep his faith (PDF file size: 228k).

            MP3 /Video

Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Legacy

In this program of Speaking of Faith, host Krista Tippett talks with producer Martin Doblmeier, whose 2003 documentary covered Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life and thought. Doblmeier tells the story of the German Lutheran pastor and theologian, as Bonhoeffer made difficult decisions in his opposition to Nazism and his attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler. This program also explores Bonhoeffer’s faith and theology including a discussion of his work Letters and Papers from Prison, which Bonhoeffer wrote from the point of his arrest in 1943 until his execution by the Gestapo in 1945. This talk can be downloaded on MP3 from the Speaking of Faith website or through iTunes U.

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