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U.S. Women More Religious Than Men

This is according to a newly released bit of number crunching from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, which bases the numbers on its massive U.S. Religious Landscape Survey. Most of the research was conducted in 2007 and the survey remains a treasure trove of facts and figures on religious life in America.

You can see the new analysis here. Among other things it finds that U.S. women trump men on being affilated to a specific faith (86 percent to 79 percent), on daily prayer (66 to 49 percent), and attending a worship service weekly (44 percent to 34 percent).

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Is anyone really surprsed by this? Why do you think men avoid church? What makes church more woman friendly? I wonder if the numbers are reversed for Muslim women? How would NOW and other organizations that see the church as oppressing respond to this? So many questions, so little time.

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United States (IV)


U.S. Flagn  Young people present one of the major areas of spiritual battle today. The bitter fruits of humanistic philosophies are now being harvested in disorientation, spiritual vulnerability, moral decay, rejection of authority, widespread drug abuse and mindless violence. God raised up such organizations as OM, YWAM, CCCI, Teen Challenge and others to combat this confusion and make a mighty impact on the world. Now God is also raising up a new generation of movements for this century — pray for such as Youth Quake and Teen Mania. Pray for the youth. The next generation could be America’s most traumatized ever if there is not a decisive work of God’s Spirit.


n  Student ministries have flourished in recent years. The impact of the complementary ministries of IVCF(IFES), Navigators, CCCI and others has led to effective discipleship and outreach on campuses. The large Urbana conferences of IVCF have challenged many students with the needs of a lost world. The ministries of Navigators and CCCI have diversified into a wide range of activities in the USA and around the world.


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United States (III)


The Christian Church is not impacting the nation as it should. The USA needs revival, yet the word ‘revival’ has been debased to mean slick mass evangelism and theatrics. The need of the hour is a true revival with conviction of sin, repentance and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. These are some of the prayer challenges for the 21st Century Church:


a)    The need for biblical holiness in a time when Christians display little difference in values and lifestyle to non-Christians. Superficiality and materialism are more characteristic than dedication and passion for Jesus and doing His will. The succession of high-profile failures of televangelists, Christian leaders in the church and in politics and the high rate of divorce among church-goers all underline the need. Pray that Christians may repent of carnality, be revived and help to change rather than mimic culture.


b)    A deep commitment to the authority and veracity of the Bible. Effective expository preaching and solid teaching on the basic doctrines of the faith are not widely evident. The prevailing tolerant pluralism has brought widespread loss of certainty about the Bible and a creeping universalism which cripples vision for evangelism and missions.


c)     Spiritual unity. The Church in the USA is seriously divided on several key issues and needs prayer. A number of Christians in mainline denominations tilt towards the politically-correct left in supporting pro-choice (abortions) a feminist agenda and gay marriages. Many Catholics, Orthodox and most conservative Protestants would oppose these. Numerous Bible-believing denominations wage war over issues such as eschatology, gifts of the Spirit, definitions of biblical inerrancy, length of the days of creation, etc., while issues of world evangelization are sidelined. Pray for repentance, a seeking after God’s priorities and that, through love and grace, a sensitive and balanced handling of divisive areas might be found.


d)    Christian withdrawal from, or involvement in, public life is an ongoing unresolved tension. The public school system has deep failings — not least the elimination of anything Christian or religious. Massive networks of Christian-run school systems have emerged. Some would consider this separation as a retreat. A spectrum of evangelical groups are working for social change in the USA which include such as Mission America, WVI, Prison Fellowship, Promise Keepers and Christian Community Development Association, Evangelicals for Social Action, Concerned Women of America, the Christian Coalition, etc. Efforts by the Moral Majority and the Religious Right to influence the political world have not been entirely successful. Pray for balance, wisdom and long-term involvement of Christians as salt and light in society.


e)     A crisis of leadership and church structures demand a revolutionary re-think. Common expectations are for a pastor to be a media star at the apex of a pyramid with a performing leadership and spectator laity. Pray for the wider development of a servant leadership that enables the led to be active as biblical apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in a participatory fellowship structure.


f) Leadership training possibilities abound. The variety and number of theological training possibilities defies full analysis! There are 644 recognized institutions that award theological degrees. The American Association of Bible Colleges includes 89 accredited evangelical colleges. Pray for a deeper level of commitment to Christian service and especially to world evangelization among professors and students alike. Pray also for flexibility and innovation in leadership training which is fitted for the times in which we live.

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United States II


The spiritual heritage of the USA is being eroded by an unholy alliance of humanists, New Agers and homosexuals. They exploit the provisions of the constitution and their control of the media to disparage and mock Christians and dismantle all they can of anything Christian in public life. Freedom of religion is becoming freedom from religion. They aim to replace ‘intolerant’ Christian absolutes with their permissive culture. There is scant tolerance for expression of religious values. Pray for a national re-awakening and commitment to that heritage — its loss would impoverish the world.

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream for the American Church

What the election says about our progress and decline.
by Skye Jethani

Amazing. How else can you describe what happened last week when Barack Obama became the first African American elected President of the United States? However you voted, whatever your politics, the election reveals something about the progress of our society. As George W. Bush said the morning after the election, it “showed a watching world the vitality of America’s democracy and the strides we have made toward a more perfect union.”

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U.S. Flag1 The USA’s role in the world during the 1990s has been unique as the sole superpower. Every policy choice in economics, politics and use of the armed forces has global reverberations. The US President wields awesome power. Pray for the President, his choice of leadership team, the Congress and Senate and their legislation so that decisions may be wisely made and well balanced between often conflicting domestic and international requirements.


2 Globalization of the modern world is largely driven by US technology, media and culture. There are positives — the Internet communications revolution, widespread use of English, information availability that empowers people and exposes tyrannies, economic development, etc. There are the downsides, too — an insensitive cultural imperialism, imposition of a post-Protestant American individualism without its biblical constraints, a glorified perception of recently gained human rights, freedom and democracy that could generate anarchy and moral collapse. Pray for the restraint of greed and evil and the enhancement of the good in this revolution now taking place.


3 The Pilgrim Fathers were determined to establish a land in which they were free to exercise their Christian faith. On that foundation has developed one of the largest and most dynamic Christian movements in history. In the USA are 19% of the Protestants in the world, 21.5% of the Evangelicals and 35% of all the world’s foreign missionaries. Evangelistic vitality, generosity and vision have been major factors in the surge of gospel progress. Pray that this may be maintained.

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